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Glastonbury at home: Music, dancing (and proper toilets!)

Are you missing the festivals this year? Here’s your quick guide to recreating Glastonbury at home for the kids (and for you!). 

Getting ready

You can’t get in without that all-important wristband (and how about a VIP pass?). Have some fun making them the night before- you can also create a programme for the event to make sure you don’t miss anything. Don’t forget to print and colour our special festival sign!

Banjo Robinson printable festival sign with blank space to add child's name

Set up camp

If you have an outside space and a tent then get pitching! If you don’t, why not build an indoor den or blanket fort? The kids will need somewhere extra cosy to tumble into after the day they’re going to have! 

Dress up

Glitter, sequins and costumes are essential- the bolder the better! Think hats, tutus and animal tails- or anything you can get your hands on. Click here for 4 great face painting ideas– or get your kids to design their own!

Banjo Robinson face painting printable with design ideas and face painting tips.


Use whatever you have- flowers, flags, or even your brightest duvet covers and cushions to create a jumbly mix of colour in your lounge. Dig out the fairy lights too to add some sparkle. Check out our bunting printable here and bring on the summery festival vibes!

Banjo Robinson festival bunting printable.

Make a playlist

You’re not limited to the artists that were actually going to make the billing, so go crazy with all your favourites from any era you like. Listen to the songs and, if possible, show the kids videos of live performances on YouTube. Move back the furniture, make some shakers and get dancing!  

Try new things!

Alongside the music, festivals are a hive of creative activities. Why not learn how to beatbox with Shlomo or take part in some brilliant Cosmic Kids Yoga and imagine you’re doing it in a peaceful field under big, blue skies? Got a ukulele? Learn a song with the fabulous Al Start; or how about immersing yourself in Anasi The Spider Re-spun, a digitally created theatre experience for 3-8 year olds? Given 5 stars by a Younger Theatre – this is one that is sure to entertain the whole family. Don’t forget to save some time to complete Banjo’s music themed word search too. Can your Banjito find all ten music genres?

Banjo Robinson music themed word search.


Got any secret talents? It’s time to come up with something! Create your own Main Stage and ask everyone to do a 5-minute performance. From playing the recorder to lip-syncing Lizzo, anything goes! 


If your kids are old enough, try to get out and watch the sunset. There’s nothing more grounding and peaceful. Add hot chocolate under the stars for the most perfect end to the day. 

Still missing the real deal?  

When the kids are all tucked up, why not kick back and tune in to the BBC’s amazing Glastonbury 50th birthday celebrations showcasing some of the incredible performances to have graced the legendary festival’s stages? Head to BBC’s iPlayer and get stuck in!

Of course, Glastonbury at  home won’t be the same- but then, everything’s different this year. If we can create little pockets of magic, we can let our imaginations fill in the rest.

Banjo Robinson playing the guitar illustration.

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