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Dr Seuss Rapped to Dr Dre: Two Doctors You Need During Lockdown!

At Banjo HQ we’re always trying to spot cool things for five to eight year olds, but we never thought we’d recommend listening to Dr Seuss rapped to Dr Dre…

And yet, like 3 million others, we are utterly transfixed by the work of artist Wes Tank who brings the poetry of a Banjo HQ favourite, Dr Seuss, to Dre’s legendary hip hop beats. 

Tank’s unexpected mash-ups on YouTube will bring excitement and joy to your whole household. If you need to find a new and innovative way to get kids interested in reading, this could be it!

This combination of two of the most famous, unconventional doctors of all time provides instantly uplifting and feel-good content. It has the ability to ignite a love and appreciation of literature and music for children and adults of all ages. Undeniably, Tank has unlocked a hidden treasure here: Seuss’ and Dre’s timeless work are a match made in heaven!

So far, Tank has released six videos of Dr Seuss rapped to Dr Dre’s beats, which you can check out here:

Tank says of the project,

“I hope parents and teachers can use these <videos> as teaching tools to make reading fun for children. I hope it makes kids and adults excited to pick up a book and read. At the very least I hope it helps people to smile and keep a positive mindset during a difficult and uncertain time”

Thanks Tank, you certainly have us all smiling at Banjo HQ. Dr Seuss rapped to Dr Dre is the perfect rap remedy for lockdown woes!

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