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Celebrating Black History Month 2020

Posted 01.10.20. Last updated 21.10.20.

Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK, every October, since 1987. The many ways in which Black people have shaped life in this country over generations is hugely underrepresented in the history books and in education. This balance which needs to be reflected upon- and shifted. 

Keep learning

Whilst October is a great time to learn about the wider subject of Black history, it’s crucial for us to teach our kids that it’s not just about one month of the year. Exploring Black heritage, culture, arts and history should be a year-round activity.  Learning about the experiences and contributions of all people, especially those who are less represented in the history books, is the only way that we can become an inclusive society. Check out our Founder’s note on talking about racism with your kids here for more thoughts.

Online events and resources

While we won’t be able to celebrate together this year, there are many valuable online resources and fantastic events already organised! Check out some of them below:

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