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Best Garden Activities for Children!

It’s Children’s Gardening Week & Garden Wildlife Week from 1st June to 7th June so we wanted to make sure that the kids are outside enjoying your gorgeous gardens! Here are our best garden activities to keep the kids entertained outside:

Scavenger Hunt Fun

Join Banjo’s best snail friend Mo and Wonderpuss on a mini-scavenger hunt around the garden or your local park with our gorgeous free printable A4 poster. Follow this link to download! Like this content? Sign up to receive our Weekly Meow Kids’ newsletter, every Wednesday evening. Find everything on the list? Send us pictures to to be in with a chance of winning a 6 month Banjo Robinson subscription!

Drawing wildlife

There’s so much going on outside! Why not see if your child can draw a flower or any animals that they see? Help them with naming parts of the animal, bird or flower.

Stone painting

Find some big stones in your garden and get the paint out! See what they’d like to draw on them and start a collection.

Wildlife Inventory/I Spy

You could combine these two together by getting them to write a list of what they can see too!

Pressing flowers

This sounds super complicated but, it is actually pretty simple! Pressed flowers can be used for art projects and/or lovely cards for family or friends:

  1. Choose your flowers – help the kids with this so that they don’t pluck anything too pretty!
  2. Lay them flat between two pieces of paper.
  3. Put the paper inside a thick book.
  4. Add some weight by stacking up some heavy books on top. 
  5. Wait a few weeks before removing the flowers.
  6. Ta-dah! Now they’re ready to make an artistic masterpiece!

Make a bird feeder

Do you have a spare toilet roll tube?

  1. Cover the toilet roll tube in lard.
  2. Sprinkle birdseeds on top.
  3. Take a piece of string and loop it through your toilet roll tube.
  4. Hang your new bird feeder on a branch and watch as the wildlife comes to say hello!

Let’s plant some seeds

Make your own little garden by planting and watering some seeds. Are your little ones ice lolly fans? If so, why not encourage them to use their leftover sticks to write the name of what they are planting and pop them into the soil?

Make a bug hotel

Grab some leaves, twigs and soil from the garden and pile them on top of each other. Come back over the next few days to see what bugs you can find staying there!

Become an ECO-HERO with Banjo Robinson

You can also get your paws on our brand new eco-pack: Reduce, Re-use and Recycle with Banjo Robinson, here. It includes 9 action-packed pages of easy-to-digest info, creative activities and fun challenges to help your child become an eco-hero! It’s never too early to care about the environment or to enjoy the great outdoors!

From all of the Cats at Banjo HQ, enjoy Children’s Gardening Week & Garden Wildlife Week x

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