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Bank Holiday Activities for Kids

It’s bank holiday weekend and, here at Banjo HQ, we’ve been talking about what we can do with our kids in this varied British weather. It may be raining or glorious sunshine so here are a few activities for you to try with your little ones whatever the season throws at you!

Raining outside? Let’s play inside!

Why not ask your child to write down a story and then act it out this bank holiday weekend? You may be asked to perform or, do they have any cuddly toys that can join in and perform too?

Indoor camping is also fun! Why not ask them to try and get some cushions on the floor and help them put up a sheet or a blanket so they can have their own tent in a room? I’m sure they’d like to snuggle up under a blanket and watch a movie or, if you have a torch, maybe they would read a book?

Is the sun out? That’s great, let’s play outside!

Let’s make an obstacle course. Encourage them to find any objects outside (with your permission) to make into a course for them to try and get around. Perhaps you have something that they can win as a prize for finishing. See if they can change it to make lots and lots of different courses (you may need to think about the number of prizes you have though).

Do you think they could be a BRAVE ADVENTURER over the bank holiday weekend? Then, why not help them make an Urban Animal/Insect/Bird Safari! If you have binoculars or a magnifying glass that would really help but, using their eyes will still work. What animals can they spot in the garden? What insects? Did they see that bird flying by? What colour was it? Why not ask them to make a list of what they see and, they can draw them too!    

Printable fun!

You can also get your paws on our 9 action-packed pages of easy-to-digest info, creative activities and fun challenges, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle with Banjo Robinson here. It’s never too early to become an eco hero! You’ll also receive printable activities every Thursday as part of our Weekly Meow children’s newsletter to help you entertain your little ones over the bank holiday/half term.

From all the cats at Banjo HQ, have a wonderful bank holiday! x

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