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Banjo’s Guide to Argentina… for Adult Eyes!

While the kids get immersed in Banjo’s latest adventures from Argentina, why not put your feet up and get swept away in the amazing culture and beauty of this country too with these awesome extra resources for parents?

Set the mood to relax while discovering Argentina from the comfort of your home with this awesome playlist.

There is a bit of everything to feast your eyes on in Argentina, from glaciers to deserts and beautiful beaches. Discover them all here.

One of the best ways to learn about a country’s culture is through the food. And Argentina has plenty of mouth-watering dishes! Find traditional recipe ideas here and maybe watch this super interesting video about Argentinian cuisine.

How about seeing what Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital city, has to offer with this awesome travel guide?

Why not learn more about the very interesting history of Argentina with this awesome 20-minute animation? Don’t have that long? Here’s a 5 minute version!

Here’s the top 10 places you should absolutely visit if you ever go to Argentina.

Feel adventurous? Go on a trip through Patagonia and get blown away by the breathtaking nature views here.

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