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Banjo Magic: Letter Storage

In this week’s Banjo Magic blog, we talk about how you can store all of Banjo’s letters and recipe cards. One of the things we know a lot of our little readers like to do, is refer back to their letters and learn EVEN MORE about the country that Banjo was in. So here are some creative ideas for storing your letters from Banjo so your little ones can keep enjoying them in to the future. 

A carry caddy

This really simple design has plenty of space for them to collect the letters PLUS there’s space for pencils too! Your little ones can also carry it wherever they would like to sit and read  – and reply to- Banjo’s letters.

A box from a charity shop

You can get boxes from charity shops or normal supermarkets (some may even have lids on them!) and make them look even prettier! Why don’t you pop a ribbon around it or, maybe even a Banjo toy could rest in there with the letters? 

Decorate a plain box folder!

We love this simple Kraft design from Paperchase. Not only can you decorate it with paint, glitter and your Banjo stickers, but you could even stick a special envelope to the inside of the lid for recipe storage! You’ll always know where to find Banjo’s great recipes for rainy weekend fun!

Banjo’s scrapbook

Another creative idea is to buy a scrapbook and glue in Banjo’s letters along with the recipe cards and travel guides. Your little one could use the stickers to decorate the scrapbook or you could even get a travel scrapbook and make it all about Banjo’s travels!

Peg them up!

Grab some pegs and string and peg the letters up around their room. You could even paint the pegs with your little one! Not only will this give them some inspiration to read and write whilst they’re in their room, it’ll also FILL their bedroom with colour! We’re sure they’ll go to sleep dreaming about Banjo’s adventures every night. 

We hope that you enjoyed this blog and please feel free to share any blog ideas with us about how we can keep the Banjo magic alive with your little one. Check out our other Banjo Magic blogs here

Remember to talk about Banjo with them, encourage them to find out where Banjo is travelling to. Maybe even follow Banjo’s Spotify account and have a boogie together, as if Banjo is actually right there with you!

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Lots of love, the Cats at Banjo HQ x

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