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Back to school: kick-start your kid’s love of literacy

Working out how to kick-start your kid’s love of literacy can be transformative, for all of you. 

It’s important to remember that literacy isn’t only about books and handwriting. It’s also about drawing, storytelling, learning songs and playing games- and more! Anything that fosters your child’s love of reading and writing can have huge benefits.

Starting young

Everyday reading and writing

You can never have too many books

For bigger kids

Family reading time- good for everyone!

One Banjo HQ parent gets the whole family to read their own books together for half an hour every evening. By reading alongside your child, you are modelling the joy of getting lost in a book whilst also having some quiet time together. 

And, if you celebrate Christmas in your household, why not start the Icelandic tradition of Jolabokaflod at home too? Give each other books you love on Christmas Eve, then curl up together with cosy blankets and chocolate for a family reading session!

Reading and writing happily is amazing for your kid’s development and, feeling comfortable with both can unlock whole worlds of possibility. With any luck, you’ll enjoy it just as much as they do.   

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