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Autumn Weekends At Home: Educational TV shows

As the days are getting chillier, the idea of spending all day running around outside is becoming less and less appealing! So why not grab the blankets, get some popcorn and snuggle up to watch a television show that will not only entertain your little ones but educate them also? Here are Banjo’s top educational television programmes for kids:

Blue Peter, CBBC

Now we are sure that you remember watching this when you were younger! First broadcast in 1958, Blue Peter is the longest-running children’s TV show in the world! That’s pretty amazing. If you haven’t watched it recently – do check it out. It really has moved with the times, but it still combines news, animals, celebrities, the famous ‘here’s one I made earlier!’,  and some amazing challenges for the presenters. And guess what? You can still win a Blue Peter badge! 

GoryGames, CBBC 

This gruesome game show actually teaches the viewers some history along the way! A spin off from Horrible Histories, there’s slime and fake poo too! A pretty disgusting way to learn history but we think that the kids will love it.

Deadly 60, CBBC

This show is for older kids who like their animals on the dangerous side. Presenter Steve Backshall ventures into the wild to track down the world’s deadliest animals. Eek! If you like this, look out for the spin offs, Live ‘n’ Deadly, and Deadly 360.

Art Ninja, CBBC

This show is all about inspiring kids to get creative, using materials they can find lying around the house! Presented by Ricky Martin, Art Ninja makes art with items you’ll have at home along with larger, inspirational projects. It also introduces children to the techniques of animation, using a variety of different styles which is pretty cool! 

Operation Ouch, CBBC 

Real-life doctors and identical twins Chris and Xand entertain children with an early introduction to human biology in this educational series. There are lots of experiments to try at home, along with insights into what goes on in paediatric A&E departments and on children’s wards. The doctors also delve into questions like how the digestive system works and what happens when we cough! The kids will love this.

Octonauts, Netflix

This programme follows an underwater crew of eight animal adventurers who live in an undersea base — and explore real locations and encounter actual marine animals! You and the kids will learn so much about the oceans!

Nina and the Neurons, Cbeebies

With help from her five animated senses, the Neurons, Nina the scientist finds answers to children’s questions. Each series has a focus on a different aspect of science and then does experiments to find out the answer! Questions like, ‘Why do we only see stars at night?’, encouraging your little one to discover more about the world around them!

Andy’s Wild Adventures, Cbeebies

If your little ones love animals, they will love this! Cbeebies favourite (and ours!) Andy Day is cast as a park keeper, who talks to the animals Dr Doolittle-style. The programme weaves in footage from the BBC’s award-winning wildlife series, with young viewers imagining shrinking to the size of an ant or joining a family of elephants for dinner! 

We know there are so many more educational programmes on TV too, so watch this space for recommendations soon! And remember, stay FANTASTIC!

Lots of love, Banjo HQ x

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