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A note to school children from Banjo Robinson

Dear friend,

I’ve heard on the catvine that you can’t go back to school for a little while.  

People (and cats) often have big –  and sometimes tricky –  feelings when  changes happen or not-very-nice surprises are sprung on them. There will probably be some learning for you to do at home, and there might be a bit more sitting around than normal.  

Maybe in your family there will be a grown-up or two who is having to work at the same time as teaching you, which might make everything feel very busy! Or perhaps your home will feel quite quiet and you will miss all the noise and excitement of school. 

Even though things might feel quite unsettled at the moment, I know you are a BRAVE ADVENTURER who will sail through this storm. When  you’re an older puss like me, you’ll be able to look back on this funny old time and feel very proud of how you muddled through. The same goes for your grown-ups, even if they look a bit worried or stressed out now!  

Try and express your feelings through talking, writing, drawing, making or building something every day if you can. Try to find ways to rest, relax and restore yourself whenever you get the chance. And try to imagine a time soon when the sun is shining and we can all be with our friends again. It will be here before you know it. I think you are wonderful and I know we can get through this together.