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A note to children of key workers from Banjo Robinson

Dear friend,

I heard on the catvine that school is feeling very strange at the moment. Some kids are staying at home, and your class might have an unusual mix of people in it- or even be taught by a different teacher from normal!

People (and cats) often have big –  and sometimes tricky –  feelings when  changes happen or not-very-nice surprises are sprung on them. 

I’ve been told that the reason you’re still going to school is because one of your grown ups has a really important job to do. I hope you feel just as proud of them as they do of you! 

Even though things might feel quite unsettled at the moment, I know you are a BRAVE ADVENTURER who will sail through this storm.  

Try to stay positive for school if you can, even though it’s a bit peculiar. Try and express your feelings through talking, writing, drawing, making or building something every day. And try to imagine a time soon when the sun is shining and we can all be with our friends again. It will be here before you know it. 

I think you are wonderful and I know we can get through this together.