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Real letters from a magical cat!

Watch reluctant readers squeal with excitement as they open letters from a globetrotting cat!

Personalised letters in the post: a monthly subscription for ages 4-9

“This is glorious […] it completely enthralled our six-year-old tester.”​  The Independent

Authors you love

Banjo’s letters are written by best-selling children's authors.

Screen free fun

Real letters and activities through your letterbox.

Curriculum aligned

Covers 90% of the KS1 English syllabus.

Learn about the world

Follow Banjo and learn about new countries and cultures.

Every month, Banjo posts a letter and activity pack from an exciting new country – and your child replies!

A world map poster

Banjo sends a big, beautiful world map poster with his first letter. Add stickers to your map as he travels, learning about countries, continents and cats as you go.

Each pack contains:

A travelogue from Banjo
Creative activities
A country guide
A reply page
A reply envelope
A colouring-in page
A local recipe
A local map


9/10 children send letters back to Banjo, leaving them under the sofa before they go to bed. Banjo can answer their questions and congratulate them on their news – look out for his special notecards in your welcome emails!

Hello – I’m Banjo Robinson!

I travel the world visiting exciting places like the pyramids, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China, sending fun-filled letters to my human friends back home. That’s right, real letters! In the post! Addressed to YOU!

Why don’t you send me a reply? You can leave it under the sofa before you go to bed and I’ll ask one of my animal pals at the United Paws Postal Service to collect it overnight. I can’t wait to see what your handwriting is like! (I’ve heard great things.)

***Cat disclaimer: Banjo’s letters are written with the help of children’s authors you may know and love***

The Book That Writes Back

By Emily Hogan

The first children’s book where the story continues via Royal Mail – in the form of physical letters from the hero: a magical, globetrotting cat.

How does it work?

Rated 5 stars

Trustpilot have rated us as excellent.

Makes writing fun!

9 out of 10 children write back to Banjo

40K letters sent

Banjo writes to children in over 37 countries around the world

96.5% recommend us

Our customers think we’re the cats pyjamas!

Meet Banjo’s friends!

Emilio from Antartica

Lalao from Madagascar

Takis from Greece

Kokoro from Japan

Maria from Brazil

Tuya from Mongolia

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“The proper definition of a man is an animal that writes letters.” ― Lewis Carroll