Children love creating these joyful,
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Two personalised stories from a globetrotting cat, £7.99/month.

How it works

Stories delivered ● Twice a month ● Prompting handwritten replies

Banjo Robinson the globetrotting cat

Written by acclaimed children’s authors, Banjo Robinson travels the world sending your child two stories a month. Perfect for 5-7 year olds.

Opening up the world with a magical game

Each story is personalised, making them truly magical for children. When your child replies, Banjo Robinson writes back to them!

Personalised stories to encourage reading and writing

Each story includes a letter, recipe from around the world, country stickers, colouring-in, reply stationery, stamps and an activity map. The first letter comes with a big, beautiful map.

Joyful and educational activities, delivered to your door.

Personalised experiences that spark joy, creativity, and curiosity

Each fun-filled adventure pack is designed for children to develop their creative skills through hands-on activities, games and the art of letter writing.

Learn about the world and new cultures

Encourage your child to learn about new countries and cultures by following along with Banjo’s world tour.

Encourages your child to read and practice their handwriting

Banjo’s letters are written by best selling children’s authors and empower children to become confident readers, writers and communicators.

Join thousands of penpals who love their letters from Banjo Robinson!

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From Nepal to New Zealand, Banjo visits a new country twice a month, sharing fun facts of his global adventures with his friends.

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