Banjo's Itinerary

I'm sure you already know that cats do most of their international travel by plane, and that their preference is Cat Air Airways, a world-class carrier with headquarters in Doha. But Banjo isn't like most cats - he jumps on freight airlines, ferries, dinghies, yachts, private jets (preferred), cars, trains, buses and even tractors in order to get from A to B.  Despite this haphazard approach to transport, Banjo's writing-and-posting-letters schedule is extremely regular.

Here are the countries he’ll be visiting in the next few moths, the estimated dates of delivery, and the deadlines for your PS messages. You can add your PS messages in your account, or email us

​ Sun – 1st September​​​
Destination PS deadline for parents Anticipated delivery date
  Chile  Sun - 3rd February  Sat - 9th February
  Egypt  Sun - 17th February  Sat - 23rd February
 Mexico Mexico  Sun - 3rd March  Sat - 9th March
 Portugal Portugal  Sun - 17th March  Sat - 23rd March
 mali Mali  Sun - 31 March  Sat - 6th April
 Madagascar Madagascar  Sun - 14th April  Sat - 20th April
  Galapagos Islands  Sun - 27th April  Sat - 4th May
  Russia  Sun - 12th May Sat – 18th May
  Iceland  Sun - 2nd June  Sat - 5th June
  Peru  Sun - 16th June  Sat - 19th June
  Indonesia  Sun – 3rd July  Sat - 6th July
  France  Sun - 14th July  Sat - 20th July
  Greece  Sun – 28th July  Sat – 3rd August
  Somewhere in the Indian Ocean... (in which Banjo writes a letter inside his submarine)  Sun – 11th August  Sat - 17th August
 Antarctica flag Antarctica  Sun – 1st September  Sat - 7th September
 Costa Rica
 Sun – 15th September
 Sat – 21st September
Sun – 29th September
Sat - 5th October
 Tanzania Sun - 13th October Sat - 19th October
 Italy Sun - 27th October Sat - 2nd November
 Argentina Sun - 10th November Sat - 16th November
 Easter Island Sun - 1st December Sat - 7th December


Sun - 15th December Sat - 21st December
Sun - 5th January Sat - 11th January