Give the gift of magic and learning!

Perfect for 5-8 year olds.

3 letters


£6.66 per letter

  • Illustrated Map of the World Poster
  • 3 letters from Banjo
  • 3 activity bundles
  • Delivered over 6 weeks to the gift recipient's door

10 letters


£5 per letter

  • Illustrated Map of the World Poster
  • 10 letters from Banjo
  • 10 activity bundles
  • Delivered over 5 months to the gift recipient's door

*UK, US and EU Postage and Packaging included in price.

How it all works

Order Banjo
as a gift

Choose a 3 letter or 10 letter gift, purchase it on our website and you will receive an email with your unique gift code.
The perfect gift for 5 - 8 year olds.

gift code

Forward your gift code to the parent or guardian of the child it is for (we need their consent). We will ask them to create an account with us to redeem the gift.

Your gift will arrive
every 2 weeks

All done! Your gift will arrive at the child's door, including a map of the world, personalised letter, recipe cards, activity maps, stickers, colouring-in activities, stamps and reply stationery.

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From Nepal to New Zealand, Banjo visits a new country twice a month, sharing fun facts of his global adventures with his friends.