A subscription to Banjo Robinson makes the perfect gift for your child or someone else’s. Gain favourite aunt / uncle / grandparent status by introducing them to his magical world!

Give the gift of Banjo – a magical gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, letters and activities from Banjo arrive twice a month.

See their excitement as they wonder how Banjo knows who they are, the name of their pet and even the colour of their sofa!

Spend time away from screens; no phone, no ipad, no TV – just quality time together.

Turn reading and writing into a magical game. Plus help them learn about the world, culture, cuisine, language and so much more!

How do I give the gift of Banjo?

Select the length of subscription you’d like to give as a gift – 3, 6 or 12 months.

Nominate a parent or guardian to manage the subscription for their child – they’ll need to add some details e.g. where they live, their favourite food and activity and if they have a pet.  This is so that Banjo can get to know them and personalise their letters

Their first pack will arrive once their parent activates it by entering these details into the account that will be set up for them.