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Banjo Magic | Travel Treats: If you don’t know, get to know!

Just when you think a globetrotting, magical CAT can’t get any more brilliant… He does!

Two weeks ago Banjo HQ launched Travel Treats Rewards – a platform that offers members exclusive goodies at the touch of a few buttons. 

Put simply: members and their children complete fun tasks (e.g. designing a new cat cousin for Banjo, or painting a Banjo star on your eye), earn points and receive exclusive rewards. Easy peasy!

You don’t even need to be a customer to join the rewards program – it’s open to all parents/ guardians with children who are looking for fun activities and challenges to keep them entertained!

For existing customers

Travel Treats enables you to keep the magic of Banjo alive between his letters.

Children can enjoy writing, creative and audio challenges from their best cat pal. Many tasks include messages from Banjo directed to the child which supercharges their engagement and encourages them to get involved! 

Existing customers have the option to automatically level up from tier 1: Day tripper to tier 3: Explorer meaning that they will receive Banjo’s Super Sticker Book, two sets of stickers and an around-the-world activity book for their child almost instantly!

The benefits for existing customers don’t stop there: renew or upgrade your subscription, buy merchandise, refer friends and you will be richly rewarded!

For everyone else

Travel Treats offers you the opportunity to introduce your child to Banjo Robinson and to the many colourful characters of his big, beautiful universe (currently Mo the snail is proving especially popular!).

With oodles of free printables to enjoy and Banjo-related challenges, you can get a taste for the content and values that Banjo Robinson stands for: curiosity, kindness and HEAPS of fun! 

Get started

The first step: sign up or log in (if you already have a Banjo Robinson customer account, simply enter your existing account details). Simply complete your profile and register to Banjo HQ’s newsletter and you will be rewarded with a 32-page sticker book for your little one! As quick as a flash of lightening! 

If you haven’t signed up already – what are you waiting for? Join the gang today!

Love and magic,

The Cats at Banjo HQ