Here’s a picture of me, aged 4, thinking about cats…

…35 years later I’m still at it, and I’ve been joined by a brilliant team of writers, illustrators, teachers, parents and an Advisory Board of straight-talking 6-year-olds. Together, we write stories and send letters from Banjo Robinson, the greatest explorer – and cat – the world has ever known.

When I was a child, my dad used to send me beautiful letters. The kids I know now can’t believe that I grew up without email or texting: they see their parents communicate with friends and family with the touch of a few buttons. At Tree Climber Publishing, we’d like to return to the joy of writing and receiving proper, paper post. Banjo was born from wanting to create those special moments for other children – the pretty envelope on the doormat with your name on it, the stories written just for you.

Banjo sends letters, stickers and surprises all year round that introduce children to the wonders of the world, whilst encouraging them to pick up a pencil and start writing (or drawing) a reply. Our hope is that his enthusiasm for travel, humour, kindness and compassion will be a little bit contagious.

We’re excited to introduce you to the team that brings Banjo’s letters and activities to your door every month. We’re a small team but passionate about what we do.

Kate Boyle

CEO and Founder

Banjoʼs human and avid letter writer, Kate loves cat GIFs and chatting to Banjo about what is going on in the world.

Bryan O’Keeffe


Responsible for making sure Banjoʼs friends get your letters to him (and the replies back).

Ruki Chuki

Creative Director

She makes Banjo look soooo good…

John Fidoe


Father of a Banjito and the reason Banjo follows you round the internet…

Lauren Phillips

Customer Service

The friendliest Team Banjo member ever and answer to all our problems!